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Anti-Aging Tips for Men

Anti-Aging Tips for Men

Best Anti-Aging Tips for Men
Aging is a natural process of life and will occur to everyone. There is so much information available geared to women and aging. Men have the same needs. The anti-aging industry makes over 80 billion annually and it is growing. Part of this growth stems from the aging baby boomer generation who is seeking out ways to slow down the process. Research suggests that more men are seeking cosmetic treatments to look younger. But there are simple everyday lifestyle changes that men can make that can really make a difference in how well they will age.
Protect your skin: Most men go through their entire lives never applying a cream or lotion to their face or body. In order to protect your skin from aging, men should consider changing in this area. You should wash your face in the morning and at night. Use a moisturizer after washing to help prevent dryness which accelerates skin aging. Avoid the sun and wear sunscreen. If you spend too much time in the sun your skin will begin to wrinkle and you can develop age spots as well. Stay hydrated: Drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily will keep your body healthy and well hydrated. Quit Smoking: This goes without saying. Smoking is dangerous to your health and it will make you age much more quickly. Although it is hard for many people to quit smoking, it can be done successfully. See your doctor and follow the medical protocol he or she prescribes for you. There are also many over the counter aids to assist you to quit this habit.
Get adequate sleep: Adults require seven to nine hours of sleep nightly. If you do not get enough sleep your physical appearance will begin to decline. Lack of sleep makes you develop saggy looking skin and bags under your eyes. You also are not mentally at your best. Men can also benefit from occasional napping during the day.
Nutritious Eating: One of the best diets for anti-aging is the Mediterranean style diet. This diet revolves around fresh vegetables, fruits, lean proteins such as seafood and chicken and a small amount of healthy carbohydrates. Eating in this manner is very healthy for the body and will provide you with good nutritional value. You should avoid carbohydrates that are high on the glycemic scale, which means they will spike blood sugar levels. Examples are sugar filled soda and white flour based pasta, rice and breads. The potato is also a high glycemic carbohydrate. You should choose healthy complex carbohydrates such as brown rice or whole wheat pasta as a better substitute.
Omega-3 fatty acids: Eating fresh fish that is high in omega-3 fats is also anti-aging. The best choices are fatty fish such as salmon, tuna and sardines. This good fat helps to prevent inflammation in the body and is very heart healthy. Omega fats are also found in canola and olive oils and walnuts. The fat from the oils promotes healthier more youthful skin as well.
Reduce your calories: The American culture is obsessed with food. We are surrounded by fast food restaurants and processed easily prepared meals we can pop into the microwave. This has clearly led to the growing obesity we see in our country. Reducing your daily caloric intake will decelerate the aging process. You can consider skipping a meal during the day. Perhaps instead of eating three large meals you can have breakfast and lunch and a small snack for dinner, such as soup or a light salad. Eating a lot of calories later at night is not healthy because your body was work hard throughout the night to digest this meal. Fewer calories have been shown to stabilize blood insulin levels in the body, reduce inflammation and free radical damage that occurs to our cells.
Exercise: Exercise is extremely important in your decision to slow down the aging process. To begin with, exercise keeps your body more flexible which can help prevent age related joint pain and inflammation. It will also keep you more coordinated to avoid those falls that many older people experience, injuring their bones.
Incorporating aerobic and strength training exercises is a good combination. For example, you can walk or use the treadmill for 30 minutes, 5 times per week to get your aerobic activity. Strength training is also important because we lose muscle as we age. After the age of 40 we can lose upwards of ¼ pound of muscle mass yearly. You can regain the muscle you have lost with strength training exercises. Two to three times weekly for 30 minutes will provide your body with the exercise it needs to strengthen muscles, lose the fat and slow down the aging. All exercise is helpful to reducing inflammation, lowering blood pressing and lessening the risk of developing disease.
Maintain a youthful weight: To stay younger you need to maintain a leaner body weight. We tend to pack on the pounds as we grow older. If you are overweight you have more fat cells. These cells produce hormones that are dangerous and can lead to disease such as diabetes. The fat cells also create inflammation in the body. Inflammation can lead to a whole host of problems including heart disease as the arteries become hardened. Look at a body mass index scale also known as a "bmi" to determine what an appropriate weight is for your height.
Give of Yourself: There are so many ways you can contribute to society and really make a difference for others. By giving of yourself you are actually rewarding yourself. Studies have shown that people who contribute to the benefit of others are healthier, more well adjusted and happier. All of these factors really do help to slow down the aging process. Any activity that you might find interesting such as volunteering at an animal shelter or joining a music appreciation group can help you stay younger. Consider adopting a shelter pet that needs a home. Pet ownership has been linked to lower stress levels.
Reduce Stress: Learn to incorporate ways to reduce stress in your life. These are lifestyle choices that you should make to improve the quality of your life. One important consideration is the fast paced lifestyle most of us experience on a daily basis. Take a look at your responsibilities and find ways to make your day more productive and enjoyable at the same time. For example, you don't have to try to fit everything into one day. Organize your goals and your responsibilities in a way that allows you to also have some quality time for yourself. Taking care of yourself and having enjoyment whether it is family time, a weekend trip or a simple movie outing can make all the difference in your life. Stress has been shown to increase the cortisol hormone in our bodies and this is dangerous to our health. High cortisol levels lead to high blood pressure and also affect your mood and concentration.
Clearly these lifestyle suggestions are very effective ways for men to slow down aging. Remember whenever beginning any dietary or lifestyle changes, always consult with a medical professional, particularly if you are taking prescription drugs or suffer from any disease or ailment.
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By Tina C. Loren

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