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Hair Extensions Varieties

Hair Extensions Varieties

Hair Extensions Varieties
There are so many different styles and types of hair extensions to choose from that it can really be difficult to make a choice as to which option is best for you and your hair.
First off, you should pay special attention to the colour and texture of your hair so as to make the best decision possible for what would be a good natural match to your own locks. If you wanted to achieve a highlighted look then you could obviously choose extension's which are a few shades lighter than your own colour.
For extensions that are the most natural looking, then you should choose only those that are made from human hair. For those of us that are a little more daring, there is the option of feathers. This technique will add an instant cool look to your hair style. You can buy real feathers online and choose from many colours from light to dark.
Achieving this look is very similar to the application of regular hair extensions, attached to the hair with a metal hook. The feathers will last in your for up to two months and you can treat your hair as normal during this time.
Hair weaving is another option: basically it involves the weaving of some threads into your own hair using the underneath sections so that any work done is not obvious.
Another way to achieve this is through the use of clip in hair pieces which is easily clipped into your own hair. A weave, is very similar to a wig, clipped in and extending from one side of the head to the other. It can also create a more voluminous look than hair extensions which come in separate pieces.
For a temporary hair makeover for a special occasion or as a longer term solution it is always best to have your hair extensions done by an experienced hairdresser. It is also worth remembering that if you are considering changing the colour of your overall hair then you should get this done first as it is much easier (and works out cheaper) to get them to match to your hair rather than having to invest in a hairdresser to dye your hair extensions after wards.
Also if you were looking to achieve a difference of tones with hair extensions it will be easier to see which colour you should choose after you have changed your own hair colour first.
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