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How I Beat Depression

How I Beat Depression

How I Beat Depression
I am going to get straight to the point. If you have sought out this information then there is a distinct possibility that like I once was you can't smile, you are exhausted from lack of sleep, you are at your wit's end, staring into an infinite void of nothingness and a big Black Dog is biting you backside. You think life will never be the same again. That there is no chance you will smile again, and no end to your despair. You will never beat depression. You are in a hole and can't get out.
To beat depression you must tame the Black Dog. He is lurking while your mind races, blaming you for everything that's wrong in your life. Small insignificant detail sets you off on a terror trip, STOMACH churning, you are short tempered, and weepy. You want to die that's how you are. You feel as if there is no help. STOP right now. There is help there is a way out, try the following as soon as.
Go to a room or bedroom where you will not be disturbed. (This is very important) Make sure you are wearing loose fitting clothes or bed wear.
Now lie on your back make sure that you are comfortable and warm. If lying on you back is difficult for you, adopt a position that is comfortable. Begin by taking deeper than normal breaths, in through the nose, out through the mouth. Start to become aware of your breath. Where does it impact most on your body? Is it in your stomach as it rises and falls, maybe in your nostrils or throat? Pick one place as this will be your point of reference.
Lie still for a minute concentrating on your breath. You will notice how your mind starts to wander, straight into the library of self-criticism and blame. This is perfectly normal, very gently bring you mind back to your point of reference. (I have called this the mind's parking space). Initially you will find this is hard to do but it will become increasing easy the more you practise. Tell yourself that you are NOT TO BLAME for everything wrong in your life.
Now tense and release you right leg. Starting at your toes concentrate on every part of the foot, try and relax the foot totally, feeling it sinking into the bed, ankle, lower leg, calf muscle, knee and thigh are treated in the same manner. Then switch to the right leg and follow the same routine. Be aware when the mind starts to wander and bring it back to the area it is supposed to be concentrating on. In your mind try and look through the skin to what lies beneath. Extend the focus to the pelvic area, relaxing all of that right all the way up to the ribs, then lower back, chest and upper back. Next both hands and arms together. Try to identify what sensations you feel in each area, it may be tingling, itchy, warm or cold whatever. Relax your shoulders, neck face and head. A lot of tension builds up in these areas during the day. Take your time with this. Try and stay in this relaxed state for as long as possible, there is no right or wrong in this procedure.
Now you are not supposed to fall asleep. I found that if it was just before bedtime or early in the day it was ok to fall asleep.
When you stay awake, on completion you will find that you are totally refreshed. This is a VERY POWERFUL healing technique; unbelievably it has great body and mind healing properties and is the first step taken to beat depression.
Now I am a down to earth kind of guy who never believed in anything out of the ordinary, so to think that one day I would be practising meditation, would have been totally alien to me, but I am doing it. This does take practice and it is not detrimental if you do not succeed at first, just relax and try another time.
So you should now be more relaxed and refreshed. The concentration on the breath, you started off with can be practised whether you are lying down, sitting, walking or whatever you are doing, use it to PARK your mind as and when required. The combination of meditation and relaxation will make you feel better the very next day.
If you are consuming too much alcohol cut it right back start drinking more water.
Now there is one main theme playing continually on you mind, it comes from somewhere in the past you know what it is, nobody else does, unless you have told them, which can be very good thing to do. Bring it to the surface, address it and try to resolve it. Seek help, if it cannot be resolved put it in a compartment in your mind and lock the door. This is the next step in beating depression.
You must now grasp the following idea and believe in it 100% and adopt it. The PAST IS DEAD it cannot be changed and it cannot hurt you. The future has not happened yet and may never occur. You must live in the present for the actual moment. The sooner you accept this the sooner you will start to get better.
Remember this PEACE can exist only in the present moment.
How often have you heard it said that as soon as this or that is finished I will be able to live in peace? You will never have peace thinking like that. If you really want to be at peace, you must be at peace right now. Live for this moment and beat depression.
Every day take some form of exercise walking, swimming, or golf, whatever but do it. We all know about the chemical imbalance story so I won't bore you. If you don't there is plenty about it on the net.
Diet is also important try and loses weight if you need to. Giving UP ALCOHOL should help this will happen as a matter of course. Eat more fruit and veg and drink plenty of water. This is vital, you should drink around 2 litres of water in small quantities per day.
This is REALLY IMPORTANT take an omega 3 supplement, it must be HIGH GRADE. This is a great mood lifter and very good for you generally.
If possible get your family and close friends involved. Explain to them that you are ill ask for their support and to cut you a little slack, ask them not to disturb your meditation and make less noise around you. Ask for their understanding. Force yourself to complete at least a couple of worthwhile tasks per day, the satisfaction achieved will be well worth it.
Try and do a good deed or kindness to someone every day, this will give you a sense of worth, very important.
Purchase some relaxation CDs, I find Body and Soul and panpipes suits me just fine, but we all have our own tastes. Play it when you feel stressed out. Take them to work and play then at rest periods.
If you are driving and become stressed out or agitated, stop and park up, do not meditate whilst driving for obvious reasons.
Now if you follow my advice give up the booze/drugs. Practice the meditation you will start to improve overnight. You have been in hell now it's time to leave. Make sure you set aside time for yourself each day you deserve it. Please remember you are not to blame you are ILL. You now have some tools to give you relief.
I found that the first time I actually smiled and laughed like I used to my improvement was rapid. Outside was a nice place again, the triggers that used to set me off had started to vanished, life was good again I was on the way to beating depression.
You are going to hit a brick wall now and again, go back to the start, each time, it becomes easier DO not give up I have done it so can you.
Remember people who have not experienced the hell we have, do not understand what depression is like, even though they say they do. Professionals tell us they see it day in day out. There loads of books out there whose authors have not got a Scooby Doo. Books full of facts, figures, dates, important people, medical jargon, unless they have suffered this disease they do not fully understand how sufferers feel.
When you are getting better only take alcohol in small amounts, continue you meditation, and relaxation. Keep taking Omega 3 Fish oil supplement; help someone else to BEAT DEPRESSION.
Please believe the way out is through self-help, follow what I have told you. It is not easy it takes effort, sometimes you will think this is load of tosh, I am getting nowhere. You are getting somewhere you are starting to beat depression. One day things start to change, you feel a little better and so it continues a little bit at a time. You will not waken up one day and everything will be fine, it is a progressive process.
Keep practising meditation and relaxation. It is a good discipline to follow for the rest of your life.
I hope you start to improve soon. Good Luck on your journey.
Let me know of your progress.
This is an original article written solely by Malcolm Bush.This article is based on my experiences with depression over the last 20 years.
I am currently unemployed and due to ill health and a recent heart attack,it is very unlikely that I will find employment again.
The advice given is based on what I have experienced and read on the subject.The road to recovery is hard and can only be achieved if the individual is prepared to work at curing themselves. I am not a special type of person I am really quite ordinary. I do not have any degrees or special training. I personally follow this regime faithfully every day through diet, meditation, mindfulness practice and exercise.
Due to the devastating effect depression has on an individual, their friends and family. I have decided to help as many people as will listen to beat depression.

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