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Back Pain Is Common Today

Back Pain Is Common Today

Back Pain Is Common Today
Many people ask why back pain is so prevalent today. Back pain affects most everyone at some time in their life. Between 70 and 90 percent of all people will have pain in the back that they will have to manage through some kind of treatment in their life time. Of those that have an episode of pain, the likelihood that the pain will come back is high. Back pain can be extremely debilitating for some resulting in loss of work or inability to perform certain hobbies. It is a common reason for workers compensation. It is also a leading cause for a visit to the physician.
Part of the reason why back pain is so common for people is the vertical load on the spine. Most of the load is placed on the low back because it bears the weight of the entire upper body. Because of this, disc deterioration may begin in the low back before other areas of the spine. Heavy lifting or bad posture can cause even more stress on the low back.
People often lift with poor technique which may complicate the situation even further. Slouching and bad posture while standing, sitting or sleeping can also result in back pain and misaligned spinal bones. Misaligned spinal bones can cause pressure on the delicate nerves that exit out of the spine.
One of the reasons back pain is more common after childhood is because of the change of blood supply to the discs of the spine. After our adolescent years, blood supply to the discs becomes virtually non-existent. The discs then rely on joint motion to pump fluids and nutrients to the discs rather than through blood supply.
When bones become misplaced, the joints no longer glide properly. They become fixated or stuck. This lack of motion results in a loss of the pumping motion that pumps fluids and nutrients into the disc. The discs then become hard and brittle leading to degenerative disc disease.
Chiropractic is a very effective treatment option to both help and prevent this problem. Chiropractic treatments restore proper alignment of the bones and restore good motion to the joints. This is also effective in removing the nerve pressure that often results in back pain. Many people report excellent improvement with chiropractic. They report having better range of motion in their joints and significant reduction in pain that is lasting. Chiropractic is effective in removing the cause of the problem rather than just treating symptoms.
- Nathan Leavitt DC
Dr. Leavitt has been a licensed chiropractic physician since 2003. He currently resides in Knoxville, TN His deepest commitment is to help improve the health and quality of life of others. To learn more effective ways to improve your health naturally go here: chiropractic knoxville
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