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How To Stop Premature Graying Of Hair

How To Stop Premature Graying Of Hair

How To Stop Premature Graying Of Hair
Though it is often suggested that gray hair is a sign of wisdom, you may be feeling sad and upset if you have noticed that your locks are starting to lose their original color. Many people want to learn how to stop premature graying of hair, the good news is that it is not impossible. What is required is to understand what the cause is, and take action that should help to delay or bring an end to the process.
At the initial stage it is useful to take a moment to discover the process that leads to graying. When an individual reaches a specific age, the body's production of melanin by cells known as Melanocytes goes into a decline. Melanocytes are found within the follicles present in the scalp and are responsible for pigmentation.
Though it is not possible to stop one's genetic clock, there are various factors that can lead to the early onset of grayness in both men and women. If you are still in your twenties or thirties and are concerned about a loss of pigmentation there is action you can take that should help ensure you still retain some degree of color.
An issue that you should not overlook is stress. If you suffer from a lot of anxiety, be it as a result of problems in your work or personal life, this will have an impact on your physical appearance. Those individuals who experience considerable amounts of stress for a prolonged amount of time are more likely to go gray early on in life. Anxiety can also lead to the thinning and loss of hair.
Other factors that can also lead to the rapid onset of this condition include deficiency in vitamin B12, thyroid disorders, excessive consumption of coffee, alcohol, and tea, smoking, and a high intake of oily or fatty foods. Lifestyle choices have an important role to play in the aging process.
When it comes to trying to prevent or minimize the onset of grayness, there are a number of suggestions that are worth exploring. Diet will have a direct impact, you should try and eat a greater amount of protein rich foods such as whole grains, meat, and soy. Also, food rich in iron can help combat B12 deficiency, this includes leafy green vegetables, yogurt, and tomatoes.
There are various lotions and shampoos which are believed to help slow down the aging of the hair. For example, Amla, coconut oil, and tea tree oil when massaged into the scalp can help promote vitality and the strength of the follicles. What's more, regularly massaging the scalp can improve circulation which also encourages hair to be more healthy.
It is best to avoid shampoos and conditions that contain a lot of chemical ingredients as these may end up causing a lot of harm. Instead, only use those cosmetic products that are made from natural ingredients. Consider that any product you use on your hair will get absorbed into the scalp and can potentially lead to damage.
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