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Bio Oil For Acne Scars

Bio Oil For Acne Scars

If you are worried about that zit on your face when you woke up this morning, you will surely fret about the dark colored blemish that will arise after the redness and swelling has gone down in a few days. The worst part of all is that this scarring may bother you for more than a few weeks.
You're lucky if you only have one pimple. Some are ill-fated to have their whole faces and other parts of the body covered in acne. If this is your problem, you will really need to look for the right treatment for acne and the scarring. One of the products available in the market nowadays is known as Bio Oil, the acne scars solution to your problem.
Below are things that you need to know about Bio-Oil Acne Scars Therapy:

Product History

This preparation of Bio Oil Acne scars treatment primarily contains PurCellin Oil, an artificial derivative from the oil generated by the preen gland of ducks. This was created by a Dieter Beier in the late 80s who wanted an oil-based product that will keep out oxygen but will keep the skin moist and elastic.

The Truth about Bio oil Acne Scars Treatment

One of the best things about this product is that it can lessen the inflammation and redness of the acne pustules besides erasing the scarring and discoloration on the skin. This means that you can use just this product. This will lessen possible allergic reactions on combining two or more medications on your skin.

Recommended Dosage

A lot of people disregard the instructions of manufacturers at times especially when the product can be bought over the counter. You should never do this, considering that you are dealing with the skin, a very fragile part of the body. Massaging the oil on the affected spot two times a day for three months is enough to give you good results.

General Opinion of Consumers

Bio Oil acne scars treatment method has its advantages, true. A lot of people write positive reviews about how this product helped them, etc. However, other people may react differently to this - literally. Some may see changes in just two weeks while others need to wait for over three months to get results. Note that the severity of the scarring will also have an influence on the treatment duration.
Now that you are informed about Bio Oil acne scars treatment, you can compare this with other kinds of anti-scar medications and products and then make the decision as to which you will purchase and use. Besides the consumer reviews, you might want to consult with your dermatologist so that you can be sure to achieve success in getting rid of the scars for good.
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