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Swimming for Fitness

Swimming for Fitness

Swimming for Fitness

A guy named Dr. Stephen Blair (University of South Carolina) conducted an extended survey to study the effectiveness of swimming for fitness. What he found was remarkable. The study was conducted over a period of years, and measured the health benefits of more than forty thousand study participants, ranging in ages from twenty-nine to ninety. His conclusion was that swimming is hands down the best form of exercise you can undertake, beating out perennial favorites jogging and walking. In fact, the study concludes that if you incorporate swimming as the major form of exercise, you're a staggering fifty percent less likely to die.
Fifty percent. That's huge, and the implications of the study are equally enormous, which of course means that if you don't have, or have access to an exercise poor or swimming spa, then you should seriously consider it, if you're interested in optimal health.
In a series of different studies done, it has also been found that swimming is one of the better forms of exercise you can undertake if you suffer from Fibromyalgia which is a fairly common condition in which a person suffers from pain and tenderness in muscles, tendons and joints, and has been linked to chronic headaches, sleep problems, and general fatigue. It has also been shown that for women who are trying to get pregnant, regular moderate exercise can actually increase the chances of conception (though the same study notes that intense exercise, say, marathon training or the like, can actually decrease the chances of conception, so moderation is very definitely the key word here).
Swim spas can be hugely expensive (some of the high end models can run upwards of forty thousand bucks, before counting installation fees, possible landscaping changes to your property, and ongoing maintenance), and as such, getting one may be out of reach for many people, however, given the health benefits mentioned above, if it's something you can afford, then it really is an excellent option, not only in that it helps foster better health and a longer life, but also in that it's an excellent addition to your home, that will enhance the value of your property long term, so if you decide to sell your place at some point, you'll find that your home fetches a premium for the addition of the swim spa.
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Swimming in a lake first time and its a wonderful experience for me. Swimming is really an enjoying activity in the evening with friends.
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