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Natural Health Solutions For Your Children

Natural Health Solutions For Your Children

Natural Health Solutions For Your Children
Growing up as a child there was a statement that was spoken to me that cannot be forgotten. When you live in the solutions, your problems will go away. You all kill me when you go to a doctor for a type of remedy or benefit. That event is the height of arrogance and hypocrisy, or maybe extreme ignorance. Perhaps you simply are brain washed from too many commercials and fake shows depicting that venue as one of health.
There was a great article recently published by Dr. Mercola sharing the exploits of Dr. Robert Rowen. Dr. Rowen is a graduate of one of the finest medical schools on the planet. He is more so known for introducing through legislation the first ever laws that protect a physician for using natural remedies. These are my words and paraphrased so may not be exactly correct and will link his article and video recently done down in the author box. His take on the drug companies is strict. When they knew that one of their drugs was dangerous and kept it on the market anyway, is called murder.
What is so very amazing to me is the absence of common sense when seeing a physician. When you see them come into the office you have been waiting and the nurse has likely already done most of the work checking you for symptoms. Now here comes the doctor with questions, not answers. They ask you what your symptoms are. Do they find out anything at all about you or your life? Are you ever asked about nutrition and diet and how much water you drink daily? How about what kind of water do you drink? Is it live or dead or worse, distilled? If your doctor asks you to try a new drug, you are being asked to promote unproven drugs with zero science behind it practices. Are you crazy?
The three or four minute office visit quickly wrapped up with a decision to write a prescription for a petrochemical pill called medicine that will repress your symptoms, not cure your problem is given and on to the next person. Dr. Rowen has spoken in front of thousands of medical doctors and each time pulls out a one hundred dollar bill and offers it to the audience to the first physician who can prove that drugs and medications of any kind can resolve any health issue. He still maintains possession of those original hundred bucks.
The three building blocks of health according to Dr. Rowen are nutrition, elimination of toxins, and stress. Many of you reading this may be living in a state of malnutrition. One of our kids success is they have never eaten fast food of any kind. We don't own or ever eat any food that has been in a microwave oven. The best was to think of that is eating radiated food. Does that even make sense to you? If you are the person who grabs a pastry with coffee and eats fast food then consumes a microwave dinner or goes out to eat, you are someone who needs help now. So may your kids. They are not fat and obese due to hereditary reasons; genetics do not work that way. Your children are obese because they eat at the same table or food you do.
Most Americans who are obese and fat are actually toxic. Your body is craving nutrients and since you are not giving it any, your body is storing everything you foolishly put into it. One step you can take now is starting to eat live food. Eating a vine ripened fruit or vegetable that is organic is the best place to start. Maybe it is time to go to your local farmers market. Start one if there isn't any nearby. Sadly I can say most Americans have never drunk live water. Non chlorinated water is a great start. There is a world wide website called find a spring you may use to locate this vital resource near you for free.
Many of you may not know that when you dump toxins often you feel worse before you feel better. Your body has been storing your toxins in your fat cells and when it begins to release these dangers, you feel the effects. Not to worry, your body that already has repaired itself many times knows how much of the toxins it can dump at a time. My suggestion is to remember how long it takes you to walk into the woods, is usually the same amount of time it takes to walk back out. If you have microwave mentality you are in for some challenges.
If you wish to review a free report or subscribe to natural health info then do not hesitate to contact us. Lifestyle is an interesting thing. Our family does not watch television. To me that is not lifestyle at all. Who knows, maybe that is another reason why we are so healthy? We are not sedentary people who sit in front of a box with zero activity and programming our thoughts and buying habits. We don't waste time and money in a something that sucks the life out of people.
Natural health is not only a choice for us, it is a lifestyle. Not being healthy is also a choice. It is our hopes to educate you to live a better life for you and your loved ones today.
Dr. Mike spent several years on the Board of a world natural health organization. His family lives the life he teaches and helps others do the same. His wife Shannon spent years assisting the executive director of research for the WHNO in protocols. She uses cleansing and nutrition as a cornerstone for her and her families health. For a free report on 7 steps to natural health subscribe today.


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