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How to Ease Back Pain During Pregnancy

How to Ease Back Pain During Pregnancy

How to Ease Back Pain During Pregnancy
Pregnancy brings along lot of physiological and psychological changes in you. Lot of hormones release, your weight increases, your walking style changes, and a lot more happens. In such a situation, back pain is very common. Pregnant women often complain about backache. No wonder, you are carrying extra weight and going through a lot of changes, back pain is bound to happen. However, there are ways you can relieve your back pain during pregnancy. Below are the methods you can resort to in order to get some relief from back pain.
Changing your posture can help you a great deal. Unnoticed, but your posture changes during the pregnancy. As the baby grows inside the womb, your center of gravity shifts a little forward. Hence, to avoid falling forward, you compensate by leaning backwards, which, in turn, puts strain on your lower-back muscles. This strain on the lower-back muscles causes pain during pregnancy. In order to avoid such a position, stand up straight and hold your chest high. Also, keep your shoulders back and relaxed and do not lock your knees. Whenever you sit or stand, use a comfortable and wide stance with enough support. Take frequent breaks if you need to stand for long time.
Your footwear contributes a lot to your body. Wearing high heels during pregnancy can cause backache. Therefore, it is suggested to wear low-heeled shoes with good arch support during pregnancy. Plus, you can wear maternity support belt in addition to maternity pants with low, supportive waistband.
Do not bend your back to lift something. Avoid lifting heavy weights, and ask for help, if required, anywhere. Know your limits and be ready to take help.
Do not sleep on your back. Instead, sleep on your side with one or both knees bent. Placing a pillow between your legs and under your abdomen while sleeping also helps to relieve back pain.
Use alternate ice packs with heat to massage your back. Rubbing the painful area using a pain balm can also prove to be helpful. Do not try to do anything yourself; ask for help.Therefore, it is suggested to wear low-heeled shoes with good arch support during pregnancy.
Include physical activity in your daily routine. It keeps your back strong and prepares it for the phase of pregnancy. Exercising on a regular basis also makes the back strong, and prepares you for pregnancy. With your healthcare provider's permission, you can go for physical activities like swimming or walking.
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