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How to Prevent Acne Using Yummy Foods

How to Prevent Acne Using Yummy Foods

How to Prevent Acne Using Yummy Foods
Treating acne does not have to be an expensive process since there are various natural acne remedies available. The secret lies in finding a natural ingredient that works well with your skin, of which you must know your skin type first.
Tea tree oil is one of the best natural remedies that you can use to treat your acne. The oil is usually clear or light golden in color and has gained popularity as an acne fighting ingredient. The potent antibacterial properties that are found in tea tree oil are very effective in treating severe acne. This remedy can be used on all skin types without any adverse reaction. It can be applied about two or three times each day to get the desired results. It is also used in various cosmetic products such as concealing sticks and pressed powder.
Olive leaves and extracts from the olive leaves are also widely used in treating acne naturally. Its use dates back to ancient Greece where it was included in the tea as a cure for many infections and as a skin remedy. It is very mild therefore can be used on all skin types but some people tend to suffer from nausea and headaches when using it. If you do not like the olive leaf tea, you can get some supplements that contain the olive leaf extract.
Extracts from licorice roots also work as effective acne remedies. The root extract has some anti inflammatory properties that help to treat acne and make your skin look better. The licorice also reduces the number of irritants in the body that can cause acne. When using licorice, it is advisable to avoid using more than is necessary as there are some severe side effects that can occur.
Green tea extracts provide a cheaper alternative to the expensive treatments that are sold over the counter. Green tea extracts provide a safe option that does not irritate the skin which is an essential component of any acne treatment. Avoid using any sugar or any other sweetener in the green tea since this will only negate the benefits that you get from it. It is readily available in grocery stores and health food stores.
Aloe Vera extracts are a very gentle natural remedy for acne. Aloe Vera has some anti inflammatory components and also has properties that will boost your immunity. This natural remedy will help reduce any appearance of blemishes that are caused by acne.
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