Tuesday, 6 March 2012

How Can I Increase My Vertical Leap? Exercises for Basketball, Volleyball and Other Sports

Here are three uncomplicated exercises and one technique that can be done in an effort to increase your vertical leap for a number of different sports such as basketball, volleyball, and cheerleading. Make a simple routine of these exercises and you will see a difference in the height of your jumps.

Switch Sky Lunges

assume the lunge position which is: place one leg back and one forward, then bend the front leg and straighten the back leg. Point to note, the leg that is forward should be bent as far as possible and the back leg should be very straight. After this id done is important that you reach vertically with your hands straight pointing to the sky. While alternating the feet jump up and land softly. It is recommended that two sets of twenty be done three times per week.

Double Calf Raises

this is very different and requires less effort. All that is required of you is slightly jumping up and down while tip toeing. You should force yourself up in an effort to gain an additional inch once you are o your tip toe. This should be done in set of 100, three times per week. You can try to increase the complexity of this exercise by try to execute it on a curb.

Super Squats

assume the squatting position as previously describes and with your hand touch the side of your feet and at the same look up in the sky. The aim is to jump as high as possible while at the same time reaching for the sky with both of your hands while you attempt to bring your knees to your chest. When landing it is important that you go back in the starting position and try to land as softly as possible. It is recommended that you perform this exercise three times per week in three sets of ten.
Please be advised that these exercises will increase your vertical leap but the workout will get you a burning sensation in the legs. Therefore you should do them in the amounts that have been set out for you, so as to ensure that you legs are given the chance to repair and rest the muscles.

The technique

Select a height that you wish to jump over. Start about ten feet away from your target and jog towards. Initially, the heel of the foot that is going to take off should be placed on the ground and then you should drive with the knee of the opposing foot and with the same opposing elbow upwards at the same time with great force towards the target. This should be performed two times per week in sets of twenty.
A more detailed set of exercises can be found at How can I increase my vertical leap.


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