Friday, 9 March 2012

Taking Care Of Your Hair - Naturally!

Taking Care Of Your Hair - Naturally!

Taking Care Of Your Hair - Naturally!
Have you looked at the back of your shampoo bottle lately? Or have you ever even actually taken the time to read over the lengthy list of ingredients on the back of your favorite shampoo bottle? There is still research currently going on looking into exactly how much our skin absorbs, but in the meantime, we should take be wary and cautious when we choose what we use on our scalp and our skin.
There has been a recent study by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) that has found the presence of 16 chemicals that are common in body, hair products, and cosmetics in the urine and blood samples of twenty teenage girls. This is alarming yet often overlooked in the attempts for more beautiful hair and appearance. Instead of turning to these chemical products, why not look for a healthier alternative? Why not you turn to something organic and green products when you are aware of the fact that your skin will absorb the ingredients? Instead of furthering the damage, use things that will help heal you and refresh you.
Those chemicals and additives that are found in your soaps and shampoos aren't just affecting you; they are also very harmful and damaging to the environment. Actually, the Canadian federal government has labeled two of these silicon-based chemicals--called D4 and D5--as toxic. The two toxins, found in mostly in shampoos, paints, soaps, and plastics, not only pose a big risk to human health, but they affect wildlife when they are seeped into the environment in large quantities.
The American EWG has said that 1 out of every 7 hair and cosmetic products will contain D4 and D5. In the meantime, the Canadian government has severely been regulating these unsafe chemicals. The US government has yet to label them as being toxic, or even regulate them in any little way.
So the next time you step into the shower, you should become more aware of what exactly you are letting absorb into your skin. Most people assume that the shower is one of the most relaxing places to be, but now we should be cautious about what exactly we are using. Chemicals can be pouring all over your body, and releasing them into the environment--all from soaps and shampoos.
Fortunately, you do not have to rely on these shampoos and soaps that are filled with unregulated chemicals. Naturally healthy hair care is attainable.
The Wonder Water Story will provide you with the information and the product you need to begin creating your own personal hair care solutions.

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