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Healthy Living - 12 Simple Steps Towards A Healthier Lifestyle For Over 50s

Healthy Living - 12 Simple Steps Towards A Healthier Lifestyle For Over 50s

Getting and feeling healthier is important to most people, especially when you near retirement and caring for your health takes on a new priority. Given the cost of medical insurance and good health care it is imperative as you get older to take more care of your health. Failure to do so increases your risk of medical conditions and not having the energy to do the things you wish to do.

12 Simple Habits To Be Healthier

I would like to share with you 12 easy ways you can improve your quality of life by adding these 12 habits into your everyday life.
1. Eat more spinach and other dark green vegetables such as kale and pok choy to boost your calcium and strengthens bones, spinach is also bursting with other vital nutrients and vitamin which does wonders for your health. Think of Popeye and you will know what I mean.
2. Sleep more - as Benjamin Franklin's said "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man's healthy, wealthy and wise".
3. Walk more - instead of using the escalators at the tube stations, walk up them, leave your car at home and walk to the local shops.
4. Read more- reading is food for the mind and you can travel to Narnia or the Yellow Brick Road and still be home in time for dinner with your family.
5. Breathe more - tune in now and see how well you are breathing. A simple breathing exercise is to breathe in slowly through your nose for a count of four and exhale for a count of four. Repeat 5-7 times.
6. Spend more time alone in nature - this is an ideal way to reconnect and remember the sacredness of life - e.g. sit in the park at lunch time or if you can, take a trip to an area of natural beauty and enjoy being surrounded by nature.
7. Hug more people - hugging is the elixir of life. Make sure you give yourself a hug when you wake up and if your children are still at home, give them a hug or affection kiss before they leave for school/work.
8. Laugh more - Laughter yoga is an excellent way to relieve stress and tension.
9. Cry more- let it all out, laugh till you cry or cry till you laugh. Either way crying is cleansing for the soul.
10. Forgive more - easy to say, hard to do...But when you forgive others it allows you to love more and invite more love into your life.
11. Stretch more - wake up ten minutes early and practice simple yoga stretches or sign up, with a friend and join your local health club.
12. Drink more water - your brain consists of 77-78% water, so it's vital to nourish and hydrate your brain. Sip water throughout the day.
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Have a wonderful healthy 2012 and beyond...
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From: Ntathu Allen, Yoga and Meditation Teacher

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